“All of our Core Values support our Supreme Value of loving God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.”
— Pastor Rick Fiechter

We value Belonging.

We believe everybody desires to belong and we want to provide a place where people can truly understand what it means to belong to Christ and to belong to the church family in meaningful relationships.

We value Growing.

God calls us to grow deep in Him. We call this our foundation and we want to help every person grow as deep as they possibly can spiritually in their relationship with God, relationally with their spouse, kids, and other key relationship, mentally by learning to think properly, and physically by becoming free from addictions so that we have a healthy temple to serve God with.


We believe God has created us to serve and we are happiest when we do. We want to see people serving in many ways through ministering in tangible ways to our community and beyond.


We believe God wants us to live generously in every way, sharing the Gospel with the world, sharing our people, and sharing our resources to further His Kingdom.

“These values support and help us accomplish our Core Values.”

We value ethnic diversity.

Heaven will be made up of people from every tribe and language—we ought to be practicing on earth. The Connection is located in a very ethnically diverse area and we are committed to developing a multi-ethnic congregation. We are committed to putting behind us racial tensions and loving, learning from, and appreciating each other both for our differences and our similarities.

We value creativity
and innovation.

We represent the Creator of the universe —doesn’t it seem like the church ought to be leading in the areas of creativity and innovation? We think so! Because of this, at The Connection we’ll use many different metaphors and “out of the box” teaching ideas to make the message of the Bible applicable, memorable, and understandable.

We value excellence.

Unfortunately, much of culture views the church as out of date & out of touch. We intend to do the best we can with what we have. If a ministry is worth doing, it’s worth doing with excellence—we will pay attention to the details and work hard to do services and publications with the highest quality available to us.

We value unity.

Our democratic society celebrates individualism— God says we are a body and that each one needs the other. We are committed to working together in one direction to fulfill the Core Values of the Church. Because of this, gossip will never be tolerated and dissenters will be confronted and dealt with deliberately and in love.

We value family.

The family is the foundation of society — it is also under assault. We are committed to championing and building families through excellent children’s & youth ministries. We will also support families through practical teaching on marriage & parenting as well as providing opportunities for counseling and seminars.