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Transportation is one of the biggest needs in Osceola County for people facing economic challenges. Taking public transportation is an option, however, the time and inconvenience can be very limiting and discouraging for people trying to hold down a job while caring for families.


At The Connection, we’ve been working to help provide a solution through the Car Connection. The Car Connection is a ministry that mirrors the Gospel:


Free Gift + Restoration = Freedom.


Free Gift: If you have had the blessing of always having a car, it can be easy to take it for granted. Many times we drive them until they’ve seen better days and then we trade them in at a dealership, only to get what always seems like way less than it ought to be worth! Next time, consider making that your free gift to someone who doesn’t have a car. Sure, you might get $500 or more, but what you give someone who can’t get around like one lady who received a car, gets up at 4:00am to wait at two different bus stops so she can get to work at 8:00, you are giving a gift of freedom! 


Restoration: We know these are older cars and they are far from perfect, however, we have mechanics, detailers, and body-shops who work together donating their time to make these cars as good as they can be. If you are handy in any of these areas, we’d love to have you partner with us. When a mechanic, body-shop, or detailer agrees to do one or two jobs a year, that isn’t too hard and it is really helping someone out. If someone tries to do it all alone, that can be overwhelming. In this way, a whole community works together to meet real, practical needs!


Freedom: Once the car is ready, we coordinate a meeting time with the owner who is donating the car and the person receiving the car so that they can sign the title over. Jesus says if you give a cup of cold water to “one of these little one” there will be a blessing—you have to believe there’s really blessing in giving the gift of wheels to someone who can’t get around; a true gift of Freedom!


Please click on the link to email us about this process.

If you have questions or would like to donate a car, please contact us at 407-744-7007